• Boot issues
  • Software issues
  • Touch issues

Q1: Why is it failed to enter the system after boot? (System is repairing automatically)

Please use the remote control to select in the OPS and restart OPS in prior to enter into system if Smart e-Blackboard with a built-in OPS.

Q2: Why cannot it boot successfully?

1. If the remote control is unable to start, please check whether the remote control is in good condition.

2. If the computer can not boot, shut down the power and restart after 15 minutes

Q3: Why is the light off?

Please check if the blackboard power is working.

Q4: Why is it turned into no signal mode with “blue screen” after boot the computer?

1. If Smart e-Blackboard with a built-in OPS, please check the current signal channel under windows mode.

2. If Smart e-Blackboard with an external computer, please check whether the current channel is located in the correct channel, and check whether the wires for the external computer works well.

Q5: Why was the blackboard turned off automatically?

1. Please check if the automatic standby/sleep mode is on.

2. Please check if the channel mode of input source is correct, no signal will lead to automatic shutdown.

3. Please check the stability of power supply.

Q6: why does it boot slow?

1. Please check if the computer got infected by the virus.

2. Please check if the hard disk is full or destroyed.

Q1: Why the visual presenter cannot be connected?

1. Please check there is power supply and the visual presenter is on.

2. Please check if the blackboard and the visual presenter are under same Wi-Fi.

Q2: Why the photos cannot be found after screenshot?

Click the arrow icon to edit, then it will be right there.

Q3: Why can’t I write on the Odinboard?

1. Please check the pen menu is selected.

2. Please check if the pen color is same with background color.

Q4: Why doesn’t H-link work?

Connect the same Wi-Fi with the blackboard.

Q5: Why smart identification fail to work for some writings?

Please write as clear as possible.

Q6: Why screenshot doesn’t work?

Select area by your fingers after click on the screenshot, then you can use it.

Q7: Why spotlight doesn’t work?

Select area by your fingers after click on the spotlight, then you can use it.

Q8: Why partial erase doesn’t work?

Select area by your fingers after click on the partial erase, then you can use it.

Q9: Why erase by five fingers doesn’t work?

Please make sure the pen icon is selected.

Q10: Why smart formula identification doesn’t work?

Please click “Identify” at the top right corner after writing a formula.

Q11: Why drawing a random curve cannot be turned into straight line after selecting ruler?

Please draw curves as close as the ruler.

Q12: Why I cannot open the library and the local experiments?

1. Please check if you open them under the Odinboard.

2. Please check if hold the selected content and drag it into the Odinboard.

Q13: Why the Slides cannot be imported into the Odinboard?

Please import the slides under the Odinboard.

Q14: How can I change the fonts for smart identification?

Click the “Odin” icon from the tools bar, choose “settings” then you can change the fonts and the sizes.

Q15: Why the upper limit for common tools are three?

The common tools you are allowed to add are five, but it will shows all the five under horizontal tools bar only.

Q16: Why the comments on slides cannot be saved?

Please import the slides as interpreted mode, then export the slides as powerpoint format after edit.

Q1: Why the touch is not accurate?

Please if you use the Windows calibration settings correctly.