Montealbir school incorporates e-Blackboard

A new pioneering concept in Interactive Display, Traditional Blackboard and All-In-One Multi-touch Panel.

This full integration school, located in El Casar (Guadalajara - Spain) has always been distinguished by a clear commitment to new technologies with the aim of developing collaborative training among its students at the highest level.

Thus, the challenge of incorporating two new e-Blackboard on the new excellence ICT classrooms as first units installed in Spain, is oriented in this direction with the aim of optimizing time and resources by combining traditional work on blackboard with interactive work on a capacitive multi-touch display with 20 simultaneous touches.

This way they have the entire workspace of 4 X 1.20 meters for the deployment of topics and concepts on the board while accessing digital content, web browsing, presentations, documents and applications to support learning, annotation and digital whiteboard work all in a single large dimension unit. Writing on the large format panel is done naturally with different types of chalk or markers, with the ability to access the digital work at any time with a simple finger gesture.

As Mr. Germán Del Corral (head of the ICT department at school) said, his choice is based on the need to optimize the space by accessing the latest generation of digital resources without giving up a generous working area on a blackboard, maintaining a quality of stroke that in the case of liquid chalk offers a much better visualization than dry-erase whiteboards.

He also highlights much better visualization in the interactive work with respect to the projection-based systems, and the high quality and precision of the capacitive touch surface without borders, compared to infra-red frame systems, and no need to calibrate at all.