Smart e-Blackboard

Aluminium-magnesium alloy frame

The metal frame is aluminium-magnesium alloy with high machining accuracy, stable, light and good heat dissipation. Circular arc angle design brings safety and beauty.

Sufficient ports and buttons

All ports and buttons are under the middle panel. Buttons include Power, Screen for backlight and Source for signal switch. Ports include USB, HDMI input and output, audio output and Touch.

Modules design

The smart e-Blackboard has only two active modules behind the middle panel, the hardware core and power board. The high-integration design makes it easy for installation and maintenance.

Windows moving down

The interactive window can be moved down for convenience of shorter people with touching function working well.

Multi-screens interation

You can control the e-Blackboard through your laptop or Pad remotely wireless or with cables.

Dual Systems

Smart e-Blackboard Supports both Windows and Android, very easy to switch through shortcut.


The embedded OPS computer and dual systems allow any Windows and Android software compatible with e-Blackboard.
Odinboard software is pre-installed for teaching.
Writing:  Different curves and colors available.
Board in board: Separate area for writing while playing slides.
Spotlight: Highlight anywhere important.
Magnifier: Zoom in/out the area you selected.
Gesture switch:Gesture switch helps teachers to switch e-Blackboard between interactive display and traditional blackboard.
Recovery Mode: Files will not be lost if the system fails.
Gesture eraser: Erase anywhere or the whole screen by palm or with five fingers.

Smart Identification

Characters identification: Hand-writing numbers and letters will be identified and converted into print characters. Identified characters can deleted by drawing a line.
Formula identification: Hand-writing formulas will be identified as well, such as 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O Graphics identification: Most of shapes will be identified, such as a random pentagram.