Smart e-Blackboard

Odinboard Software

Writing:  Different curves and colors available.
Assistant board: Separate area for writing while playing slides.
Spotlight: Highlight anywhere important.
Magnifier: Zoom in/out the area you selected.
Recovery Mode: Files will not be lost if the system fails.

Smart Identification

Characters identification: Hand-writing numbers and letters will be identified and converted into print characters. Identified characters can deleted by drawing a line.
Formula identification: Hand-writing formulas will be identified as well, such as 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O Graphics identification: Most of shapes will be identified, such as a random pentagram.

Intuitive Gestures

Gesture eraser: Erase by your palm as you think.
Gesture switch: Erase any parts for any objects.

Educational Software

Themes: Various themes customized for different courses.
Resources:  A large number of resources are accessible for different courses.
Labs: Simulated experiments make lectures intuitive.

Mobile Teaching & Visual Presenter

Connecting to visual presenter (optional) wirelessly.
Supports for slides, including preview, play, page down and comments.
Collaborations with tablets, files and photos are able to upload to the blackboard.

Virtual Lab

Designed for K12 education, Virtual Lab works with interactive
whiteboards, desktops, laptops and tablets, compatible for Windows,
Android and IOS. Abstract experiments have never been so intuitive
by 3D model,unique engine and accurate data feedback. Students
are able to finish the experiments anywhere via mobile devices.