Smart e-Blackboard

Smart e-Blackboard

Smart e-Blackboard provides a more scientific solution to classrooms with a capacitive LCD touchscreen panel and writable glass surface design. It empowers teachers to be efficient and effective by the built-in software suite and allows students to have an intuitive perception of teaching contents.


Integration of a capacitive LCD touchscreen panel, photoelectric glass and an OPS computer.

Smart e-Blackboard supports normal chalks, dustless chalks and liquid pens. There are multiple panel combinations for teachers to choose to meet different sizes of classrooms and teaching habits.

Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

10-point touch with high precision and high fluencyHigh anti-interference Equipped with high-precision capacitive touch pen


Capacitive Touchscreen

Anti-glare High Transmittance

Anti-scratch Safe and Stable

Photoelectric Glass Surface for Writing

Anti-glare and high transmittance High surface strength, anti-scratching and anti-abrasion surface Protecting eyes Excellent handwriting experience

4K Display

A+LCD panel with bright, high-contrast, up to 4k UHD display

LCD Panel

UHD Display

Dual Systems

Smart e-Blackboard Supports both Windows and Android, very easy to switch. Backlight ON/OFF simply by five-finger press on anywhere on the board. Environment-friendly due to high energy efficiency.